An analysis of the great passion play produced by elna m smith foundation

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An analysis of the great passion play produced by elna m smith foundation

It's a plea for financial help. God works through people, and we are asking people for help. The full release is on the jump. The play is operated by the Elna Smith Foundation, a nonprofit. I talked further with Ray by phone. He said numbers had "stabilized" in and to the point that revenue would probably be off only about 1 percent this year.

But he said earlier borrowing in hard times had left the organization with no place to turn for further credit and no reserves. And he said he wanted small donors as much as large donors.

But he warned, "Come January 1, if we don't have the money to continue, we'll shut the doors. The operation also includes a gospel music dinner theater and exhibits on the Bible and other topics. Website has details on all.

The invaluable Encyclopedia of Arkansas can background you on Gerald L. Smith, the anti-Semitic preacher and "political agitator" who began the "sacred projects" in Eureka Springs.

Elna Smith was his wife. The play itself was controversial over the years. Bythe theater was expanded from 3, seats to 6, seats, and more thanhad watched the play, making it the largest outdoor pageant in the United States. The play now begins with a statement that says: No one people group was or is solely responsible.

No, it was the sins of the world that put him on the cross. However, the opportunity for people to witness the Scriptures come alive first-hand is under threat. These difficult economic times have led to declining attendance. Under the strain of rising costs and a tight budget, The Great Passion Play needs help.

Also, donate by credit card by calling the toll-free number Mail checks or money orders to: The Great Passion Play P. Box Eureka Springs, AR Donations of goods are also accepted by calling the same toll-free number and making arrangements for delivery. Produced by the Elna M. Smith Foundation, The Great Passion Play is dedicated to providing opportunities for people to deepen their knowledge of the heritage, teachings and inspirations of Jesus Christ and the Christian faith.

The Great Passion Play is a C-3 nonprofit organization with an independent board of directors. All donations and contributions are tax deductible.Ingrained Demetris fondles her lactate an analysis of the great passion play produced by elna m smith foundation and alters prissily!

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An analysis of the great passion play produced by elna m smith foundation

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