Compare and contrast business systems in

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Compare and contrast business systems in

More Essay Examples on Business Rubric This form of capitalism and state run economy is still present, up to this day, in the 21st century Japanese business and culture. Japanese culture is similar, in some ways, to the rest of the Asian pacific countries. Their awareness of their cultural heritage and values is key to the way they address their lives and their business attitudes.

To understand Japanese business it is imperative to understand their culture and how it affects their business attitudes and decision making. These attitudes are reflected in the way they do business.

Many of the cultural attitudes are quite foreign to western businessmen who often find it difficult to invest into Japan 7. Because of the relationship that all Japanese have with each other, trust and loyalty are all seen amongst the different groups and business markets.

Compare and Contrast Business Systems in Japan and China Free Short | Essays & Assignments

This is usually a reason why Japanese business men do not trust people who are not in their entourage; i. Japanese business is very service oriented. In a study made about Japanese business culture, where the writer is writing on personal experience, an example on how and why business is so service oriented is used.

When a westerner enters a business in Japan the people are very polite, the security smiles at everyone and the people welcome and thank any client who enter and leave their stores.

Compare and contrast business systems in

This demonstrates the high value that the Japanese place on customer service. There are two main features of Japanese business that make it so successful.

Therefore it seems that Japanese business is like a family, employing their workers for life in a closed community of loyal, trusted and harmonious beliefs. Japan enjoyed a period of high productive development since the end of World War II. They also used a system called WAT. Has the government played a role in this success and does it interact with businesses in Japan?

An extract from Professor Michael A. Therefore, they protected the smaller companies and forced the larger companies they depended on for their stability, to be pushed out of the country Today Japan has still in a small yearly growth rate that has often been negative in the past ten years.

China emerged from a dictatorship under Mao in It is now the 2nd largest economical power after the United States Even thought these policies have now been discarded in Chinese business arena, it still has an influence on their business ways today.

Understanding Chinese social influences and the way their society works is essential to the understanding of their business culture. In this analysis she explains that the Chinese population has been influenced by three different philosophical ways — Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism.

All three have influenced the way Chinese business men act and think. An interesting factor in China is the way they do business. Guanxi is another word for connections 15 and it is also a way of borrowing money Also, corruption of government officials is normal part of business transactions in the day to day Chinese business life.

However, this is how Guanxi operates; Guanxi is the major credit facility of small businesses. Large businesses have the more traditional means to access credit facilities; foreign investment, sale of shares, bonds and domestic and governmental banking relationships.

China is now the 2nd largest economical power in the world today. It had a Communist regime and blocked all foreign trade The interesting fact of Chinese business is the way businesses borrow money. In a western country, a company that needs money to start their business off would borrow money from a bank or 3rd party.

According to an article by Nathan H. It is all about who knows who and who does what. The person with the right connection can give business to people whom he trusts by giving his word that they are trust worthy. The clearest comparison between these two countries is the fact that both heavily involve culture, and the ways of society in business, which are harmony, trust, loyalty and respect.

It is easy for them to do business together, unlike their western competitors which do not understand or sometimes do not take under account these factors Both countries promise a life long employment to their workers with all the benefits for the family.

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The differences come towards the way the government interacts with the businesses.Compare and Contrast the Classical, Human Relations, and Systems Approaches to Organization and Management - Essay Example. Comments (0). Compare and contrast the two types of strategy to determine which is most suitable to your own business.

1. Analyze the overall goal of strategic management and strategic planning. In common usage, Information Technology (IT) and Information Systems (IS) are quite different. IT most commonly means all the company internal computers, infrastructure, programs, configuration, and .

Information Systems vs. Information Technology.

Compare and contrast business systems in

The field of information systems bridges business and computer science. One of the reasons people may not distinguish between IS and IT is that they assume all information systems are computer-based systems. An information system, however, can be as simple as a pencil and a piece of paper.

Before we compare and contrast two leading countries, it is important to analyse the business culture and the economy of both countries. This essay will compare and contrast “how they do business”, “how the government interacts with the business market” and “how businesses borrow money”.

The business systems analyst or the systems business analyst can actually be one or the other or both.

Job description is the only way to tell when this happens. There are differences, though.

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