Crm implementation case study

Whether a client has two million customers or 22 million, we can scale RED. David Peters Chief Executive Officer About Emagine International Founded inEmagine International provides software and services that help telecommunications companies telecoms increase customer revenue and loyalty. Telecoms can use the platform to gain greater value from their assets; increase their ability to analyze customer behavior; and continuously adjust interactions with customers in response to lessons learned from previous interactions. With many telecoms planning to move their infrastructure to the cloud over the next five years, Emagine realized it needed to deploy the RED platform in the cloud to remain relevant to customers and prospects.

Crm implementation case study

Organizational management roles and responsibilities Stages defined Areas of inconsistent system capabilities Data migration strategy Resource requirements 4 top strategies for ERP implementation There are different strategies of ERP implementation, and choosing the right one is crucial.

Collectively, these are 4 groups of strategies: Big bang — a new system goes live instantly and all users switch to it; Phased rollout — transition happens in phases, users move step-by-step; Agile — also happens in phases, but under continuous design, testing and deployment of elements until moving to Crm implementation case study one; Parallel — both new and old system are functioning at the same time, while users gradually switch to a new ERP.

In this approach ERP implementation is carried out in a single moment. All modules of a new system are installed at the same time and the legacy older system is switched off. It is the point of no return, in some sense. The danger is that if one element fails, it puts at risk the other components of the system and the whole business activity.

On the other hand, this ERP implementation strategy saves time and money, does not require any temporary interfaces.

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This approach gives time to find solutions if anything goes wrong and also to temporarily return to the old system for the period while the problem is solved. It also offers a possibility to begin with modules that are most vital. If the organization has many sites, the phased approach offers opportunity to choose a pilot site to implement an ERP.

Training happens stepwise — employees acquire and accumulate experience and skills. This also improves the acceptance rate. Phased approach makes it easier for IT department to fix issues gradually. There are three different ways to achieve phased implementation: EasyERP 3 Agile deployment is great for difficult to manage long-term projects.

This strategy divides a project into short periods called sprints. Each sprint has a phase of testing and adjustments, allowing to tackle potential issues and to resolve them right upfront. It gives possibility to quickly adapt design and implementation to business changes — the possibility the other approaches do not provide.

The first step of agile strategy is to collect all necessary information and to prepare the project.

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Then sprints are run. Agile is flexible enough in terms of market demands and costs less, though needs temporary interfaces and tends to take more time. EasyERP 4 Parallel is a less riskier strategy as it suggests implementing a new system while still running a legacy system.

Employees can learn to use a new system and perform their regular activities with the old one. When a new ERP is well in place, the old system is switched off. Weighing in pros and cons here, we should note that parallel approach involves higher costs, longer implementation period and more effort users have to enter data into both systems.

One of top reasons ERP implementation often fails is because of inconsistency with business requirements. However, purchasing an ERP is only half the deal. In any ERP implementation process, there are certain mandatory stages, want it or not.

ERP selection — write down critical features, analyze, study and compare, negotiate. Management changes — as one has to re-orient and persuade employees to work within totally new environment.

Data preparation and migration — reviewing how compatible your data are with a new ERP, decide on what could and could not be eliminated, data transition. ERP deployment — installing, configuring and optimizing the system. Testing — checking if every aspect works properly, fixing errors. User training — teach every employee working with the application how to use it efficiently.

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Launch and maintenance — ERP activation throughout all departments, post-launch ongoing support, maintenance, updates, etc. The cost of ERP systems deployment depends on many factors. Here are at least a few of them for you to understand real complexity of the issue:Loyalty Programs.

Crm implementation case study

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We serve clients across multiple industries, including industrial products, consumer products, government, education, health care and nonprofit. Customer Relationship Management - Case Study [Mercedes Benz] 1. Mercedes Compiled By: Jas Singh Bhasin 2. CRM - Introduction Customer relationship management (CRM) is a model for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers.

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