Effects of offshore drilling

This environmental disaster contaminated over 1, miles of coastline and caused health problems for coastal residents. These spills can have major economic impacts, disrupt transportation and harm people. As seen with the Gulf of Mexico explosion, these types of oil spills are possible wherever crews drill for oil offshore.

Effects of offshore drilling

Redirected from Offshore oil drilling Overview of Offshore Oil Drilling For decades our coasts were protected from new offshore oil drilling. Even when former President Bush lifted a White House moratorium on offshore drilling inwhen Congress allowed a federal ban on drilling to expire, and when the Obama Administration indicated that they would potentially allow drilling along several formerly protected areas of coastlinenew drilling in the mid- and south-Atlantic coast, eastern Gulf of Mexico, Pacific and portions of the Arctic has been prevented.

Yet the Trump administration brought new risks to these areas, as federal officials work to implement the America-First Offshore Energy Strategy. The disastrous Deepwater Horizon oil drilling rig blowout Effects of offshore drilling April released approximately million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico; fouled beaches and coastal wetlands from Louisiana to the Florida panhandle; killed birds, fish and marine mammals; and devastated the recreation and fishing-based economies of the Gulf States.

Despite this, the Trump Administration and oil industry continue to try to open up additional coastal areas to offshore oil drilling.

This includes new offshore oil drilling in previously protected coastlines, as well as in marine monuments, sanctuaries, and reserves. These are areas with well-documented cultural and ecological importance intended to be permanently protected from the threats of seismic blasting, mineral extraction and offshore drilling.

An analysis by Oceana demonstrates why new offshore oil drilling would be dangerous and unnecessary. In preparation for potential expansion of offshore oil drilling by the federal government, certain states are trying to take proactive measures to prevent or weaken incentives for offshore oil and gas development off their coasts.

For instance, California recently tried to pass Senate Bill which, the Sacramento Bee states "would have blocked new leases for the construction of pipelines or other infrastructure in state ocean waters necessary to expand oil and gas development. The measure would have made it more difficult and expensive to transport oil if the Trump administration moved to increase drilling in federal waters off the coast of California.

The Surfrider Foundation is opposed to offshore oil drilling in new areas. As we have seen with the Deepwater Horizon disaster, offshore oil drilling and oil spills have the potential to critically impact pristine marine ecosystems. Offshore oil drilling can also lead to industrialization of our coastlines.

While there are numerous environmental problems associated with oil drilling, there are also negative economic impacts that we simply cannot afford during hard economic times. This article is intended to outline potential impacts of offshore oil drilling, and also to dispel myths that have been put forth by oil drilling proponents.

Ultimately, America cannot drill our way out of an oil consumption problem.

Effects of offshore drilling

We must look toward sustainable solutions that protect our natural resources, rather than drilling for fossil fuels off our coasts. Energy conservation is the most economical and environmental way to achieve energy independence from fossil fuels.

Conservation is much cheaper and healthier than investing in further development of dwindling offshore oil reserves. Additionally, technological advances in renewable sources have substantially reduced the cost of wind and solar energy production.

As the capacity to store renewable energy increases, the ability for renewables to provide a consistent base load of electricity to the grid will as well.

Offshore Oil Drilling

The answers for sustainable energy are already in front of us—and new offshore drilling is not part of the answer. Information from this article can also be found in the printable and downloadable Offshore Oil Drilling Fact Sheet. Environmental Impacts There are serious environmental impacts associated with each stage of offshore drilling.

While some impacts may not be seen by the naked eye, there are a myriad of impacts that local communities and elected officials must know about before considering new oil drilling.Jul 24,  · The environmental impacts of offshore drilling Many aspects of the offshore drilling process can cause environmental impacts, from locating the oil, to drilling and pumping the oil to the surface, to the infrastructure required to drill and transport initiativeblog.coms: Drilling offshore does not only negatively effect on marine life.

The toxic chemicals that are released into the water column has many effects on the human body. Some of these acute health effects are comprised of lower back pain, headache, inflammation of the throat and eyes, lower repertory effects and psychological damage.

Effects of Offshore Drilling: Energy vs. Environment Prev NEXT , the blowout of an offshore drilling platform in Santa Barbara, Calif. ultimately caused , gallons of crude oil to spread over square miles (2, square kilometers) of ocean and shore.

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With gas prices skyrocketing and President Bush and other politicians calling to lift a ban against offshore drilling, a polarized debate has again flared up over the true risks and rewards of. Effects of Offshore Drilling: Energy vs.

Effects of offshore drilling

Environment Prev NEXT , the blowout of an offshore drilling platform in Santa Barbara, Calif. ultimately caused , gallons of crude oil to spread over square miles (2, square kilometers) of ocean and shore.

Offshore Drilling Pros and Cons Offshore drilling is a method of extracting petroleum from beneath the sea. It has created quit a bit of controversy, claims have been made that it is a detriment to our environment and life in the ocean.

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