Eng 111 third out of class

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Eng 111 third out of class

Artic fox cold adaptation The artic fox split off 3 million years ago. There is no compelling evidence for artificial warming with fires or tailormade clothes in Neanderthals.

Therefore, Neanderthals most likely had fur. Without fur they would not be able to survive in Finland in between ice-ages, nor in Europe during the ice-ages.

There is a genetic difference called congenital hypertrichosis, which essentially is fur in modern humans. People with congenital hypertrichosis also show long, prominent back of the nose and a round nose tip and lag in the development of the first and second dentition.

All three of the deepest branches of Mammalians have species that can hibernate. There is also an example of a primate species that can enter torpor.

Seasonal affective disorder is related to autism Seasonal birth Seasonal breading is common in primates. This means individuals can survive on fewer resources. A consequence of slower maturing is longer life.

Jack Cuozzo shows that Neanderthals matured slower than us, and probably got older.

Eng 111 third out of class

Autistic children often develop according to another slower scheme than other children, and may continue to develop into their 30s. Maybe they smoked meat and kept in caves. Autism is associated with excessive collection of similar things.

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Longer term seasonal variation in activity level is related to Bipolar, but also to autism. It provides a means to lower brain energy consumption. Overweight and eating disorders Eating disorders are common in the western society.

Unusual eating-patterns are common in autism. Seasonal populations depending on a high-meat diet have a more uneven access to food than tropical hunter-gatherers. The ability to eat food fast is important, just as the ability to be without food for a period of time.

Is seems like seasonal affective disorder is related to bulimia. For Neanderthals, it was essential to be able to increase weight in summer, and loose it during winter.

This is probably why they had a broader pelvis.

Eng 111 third out of class

Autistics have an urge to climb and an urge to jump over objects. Supplements of L-carnosine, carnitine and taurine, that is naturally occurring in a high-meat diet, has positive effects on autistic children.

Glacial floods A population living near glacial ice might be expected to evolve instincts for detecting extreme floods from glacials. These events would be fatal but yet possibly partly predictable. Autistics have a fascination for slowly flowing water, but are afraid of floods and fast running streams.Clustering Clustering algorithms are unsupervised methods for finding groups of similar points in data.

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