Friendofafriend matchmaking

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Friendofafriend matchmaking

Michelle is extra choosy — with both direct clients and her matching database — and intuitively knows how to pair people for lasting relationships. East Coach Match also has several Friendofafriend matchmaking hands-on services, including dating and relationship coaching and image consulting — giving clients every advantage to attract and keep their ideal match.

Many singles are learning that finding a quality match takes more than a right swipe. Success means asking yourself a lot of questions to get to the meat of what you really want and who might best fit with your personality and interests. ECM offers a hands-on approach to matchmaking — with the goal to connect the right people so their bonds will last.

And the company has steadily been accomplishing this goal. Many matchmakers will introduce you to a couple of candidates and stop there, but not ECM.

Friendofafriend matchmaking

Rather than relying on algorithms or chance, Michelle and her seasoned matchmakers carefully hand-select each candidate they believe may be your perfect match.

Then, after the first date, they share critical feedback with both parties and provide multiple levels of support throughout the dating process.

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Image consulting, an optional add-on, helps clients find their best look with some of the most talented tailors, hair stylists, and board-certified plastic surgeons. Every single who comes to ECM must go through a rigorous acceptance process to become a client. Once prospects are ready to commit, they immediately get started.

With a gentle candor, Michelle tells clients what may be holding them back and how she can help with her several proven strategies.

He credits Michelle for where he and his match, Karen, are today.

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Another client, Elizabeth, quite wary of matchmaking at first, was also more than thrilled with her results. Not fully understanding the industry and process, I was fairly reluctant.

She was introduced to John, and they chatted for seven hours on their first date. Individualized Support for a Fulfilling Experience Professional, sophisticated singles who are looking for long-term partners choose East Coast Match because of its discreet nature and high-level selection process.

With so many matches made and a success rate few can touch, Michelle and her team have distinguished themselves as leaders in this industry.

Singles no longer have to wade through extensive pools of potential matches on dating apps or rely on complicated algorithms to find love.About us. Friend of a Friend (aka FOAF) is an online community in which friends and the friends of those friends can meet a match or introduce others without the awkwardness of blind dates or set.

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Friend of a Friend is a boutique matchmaking service catering to accomplished and discriminating offer a completely personalized experience with the shared goal of helping our clients find meaningful relationships through a range of curated services tailored for their unique situation and search criteria.

Affordable personal matchmaker for singles in Toronto, Hamilton, and Ottawa.

Friendofafriend matchmaking
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