Geopolitical disadvantages of foreign aid

Foreign aid refers to offering assistance, financially and other ways, to other countries. It is beneficial to both the country giving aid and the one receiving. No matter how beneficial this practice may be, there is an opposition.

Geopolitical disadvantages of foreign aid

Also, by yearthe problem of poverty in Third World countries will be completely eradicated. But just like any other controversial topic that is of global proportion, opinions of politicians, sectors and voters will always be conflicting.

Geopolitical disadvantages of foreign aid Aid Defined Simply put, this is the act done by a country or an international organization to help other countries in terms of supplying goods, services and monetary aid.

This can be in the form of military assistance, medical aid, food and training. This can also be given as a form of loan. Moreover, purposes can vary from fighting poverty to promoting development.

Geopolitical disadvantages of foreign aid

Normally, developed countries help developing and under-developed countries. The earliest foreign aid given to other countries can be dated back to wars between countries, in the form of military aid.

Powerful countries helped war-stricken countries at times of turmoil and chaos. Nowadays, aid given has transcended to other types of support.

Many organizations and private citizens also push for financial aid, including Bill and Melinda Gates. The software magnate is openly expressing his desire to put an end to poverty and polio in the world.

He said that if the aid will be planned accordingly and channeled correctly, the world can feel its importance and efficacy. However, there are also relevant points raised by opposing groups. List of Pros of Foreign Aid 1.

It can help ease poverty in poor countries. Supporters of foreign aid posit that if rich countries will work hand in hand to help developing and poverty-stricken countries, this can help solve the problem of impoverished nations. With millions of families living below poverty lines, contributing in any way through money, trainings and medical assistance can promote equality and better the lives of other people.

It is beneficial to involved countries, the donor and recipient. Giving foreign aid is between two nations and this humanitarian activity is not only a good thing for the country receiving help but also to the giver of financial aid.

By helping another country, diplomatic relations will be nurtured. By showing its appreciation, the country which was given aid in any form will be open to help the richer country in times of need, be it in military services or letting the host country station its base in their country. This will be strategic for the former in times of war.

Extending foreign aid will help other countries be more independent.

Geopolitical disadvantages of foreign aid

Advocates say that by helping poor countries and giving them financial assistance and helping them in times of natural disasters and providing medical help like vaccines for diseases, a time will come that these countries will be able to improve their economies. Moreover, with eradicating diseases such as polio, there will be more competent citizens and aid their economies as well.

Eventually, these countries will not be needing aid anymore but instead, be the ones to pay it forward like Peru, Japan and China.

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Many organizations are helping in the dissemination of information about transnational problems like drugs and HIV. The International Narcotics Control program sets aside funds to help fight drug problems in other countries.

List of Cons of Foreign Aid 1. Foreign aid does not go to the people because of corruption. Opponents of this policy argue that in most cases, help fails to reach the right people who are really in need of assistance. There are poor countries with corrupt officials who use the fund for themselves and that little or no aid is given to the poorest members of the communities.

They also say that this can even stir and encourage corruption in these countries. Favoring selected countries over other can be a problem. Critics of foreign aid say that oftentimes, developing countries which can give back benefits are the ones given assistance instead of nations which really need help.

They also argue that some countries who give aid use this as a tool to control the recipient country in terms of favors like setting up military bases, which leave the poor country no choice.

Giving financial aid like loans only leave these poor countries deeper in debt and poverty.Geopolitical disadvantages: Aids funds are able to encourage 'cultural dependence' between developed nations and nations that are developing.

Australia is the Papua New Guinea's primary source (and one of the major sources) of income that comes into Papua New Guinea, representing around 80% of Papua New Guineas net annual budget. Foreign aid is not all about money, but also about structural and attitudinal reforms.

The main objective of foreign assistance is to bring the nation into the world marketplace. The money inserted into the market is intended to ease this type of transition. Extemporaneous speech topics tutorial including preparation in three steps and examples.

Prepare good, quick and properly in a minimum of preparation time for school and / or college assignments, tournaments or business public speaking occasions. Merits and Demerits of Foreign Aid. ADVANTAGES / DISADVANTAGES OF FOREIGN ASSISTANCE Advantages of Foreign Aid Foreign economic assistance is very important for economic development of Pakistan.

The advantages or . Advantages to Australian aiding third world countries: Providing aid to third world countries improves the country’s economic, cultural and geopolitical standards.

1 Foreign-policy realism is associated with the cold-hearted pursuit of national interests, rather than an emphasis on human rights or international law. The extent of Obama's realist commitments.

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