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Hsc study notes

With dozens of features such as access to official past exams, videos, interactivities, auto-marked questions and progress tracking tools, studyON packs in so much more than a traditional print study guide.

Suitable for classroom and independent use, online or offline, studyON makes it easy for teachers to help senior students improve exam results. With incredible functionality that provides access to all examinable content in a range of formats, studyON enables students to study, revise and practise for their exams more effectively.

Readies students for actual exams studyON includes hundreds of exam questions with instant feedback, broken down at a topic and concept level, and official past exams, which can be sat online or downloaded for offline completion in exam-like conditions.

The My Notes feature enables students to create, format, save and even print their own personalised notes.

Hsc study notes

Facilitates differentiation in the classroom Teachers can connect directly with students, creating classes and custom groups based on different skill levels. Armed with evidence-based insights, teachers can intervene at the right time.

Saves valuable teacher time Alignment with the Jacaranda text helps with planning and instant feedback saves marking time. Built-in reporting functionality lets teachers easily schedule, export and print reports in Excel.


Provides greater value for money studyON is available as a standalone purchase or as part of a value pack combined with the relevant Jacaranda text or integrated with new VCE texts for even greater value for money.

What are teachers saying about studyON? It has helped students to see strengths and weaknesses in precise areas of study. Used it once when I was absent [and] could monitor progress from home to check if students were working.12th Hsc Chemistry Important Full Study material Here We Have provided a clear and special Guidance for all 12th Students.

We Have provided more study materials in order to help the Students. So we have covered the maximum and we are sure that we will instantly update more study materials for 12th Public Exams For [ ].

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we are committed to providing educational services for students through our Important Threads on this Website. These include Class 10th 12th Study materials, GATE Exam materials, Engineering Study materials, important Questions, results updates. Download elite HSC Biology study notes from Australia's top authors on HighSchoolNotes.

Year 11 & Year 12 Head Start Lectures. The HSC involves a lot of hard work and it’s easy to fall behind. It’s therefore important that students use the quiet periods to .

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