Mcdonalds case study harvard

Assess the impact of the marketing environment on the industry 1. To achieve M1, In this part of the assignment, learners should review and display clear evidence of innovative approach to argument that is likely to be expected at this level. You should also state your participation in terms of research and informationdata collection and analysis, communications and marketing plan innovatively. Analyse the importance of the role of marketing mix innovatively supported by appropriate examples.

Mcdonalds case study harvard

Mcdonalds case study harvard

Table 2 Evaluation of the key strategic resource and capabilities The above listed six resources or capabilities are the source of the sustainable competitive advantage and superior performance of the McDonald because they are valuable, rare, inimitable and non-substitutable.

For example, in term of brand equity and awareness, McDonald has been ranked as no. Also taking into the fact that McDonald is one of the known western brands in China, the brand equity of McDonald is one key source of core competitiveness in the China market.

And in term of large number of outlets, though as mentioned in the background information of the company appendix 1. Figure 1 Strategic development directions Source: This judgment is made based on two kinds of facts: The market penetration strategy implies that the firm has been pursuing along a less effective strategic direction and there is a better alternative strategy which will be elaborated in the following.

It is viable and necessary for the organization to change to the product development strategy for the following reasons: Firstly, the organization has the capability and resources to develop the needed products. Because of the fact that KFC has so nicely introduced the new products that more localized and attract more consumers, now KFC has been in a more advantageous position in the competition with McDonald to be the largest and best fast food chain in the Chinese market.

Mcdonalds case study harvard

Hence the fact KFC has adopted the product differentiation to beat McDonald suggests that McDonald could also localized its products to suit the needs of the Chinese consumers.Case Study #1 McDonalds’s “Senior’s” 08/07/ McDonalds “Seniors” Restaurant Bridgett Bowen is the owner of a McDonalds restaurant that is open to public but recently the main clientele of the Bowens restaurant has been seniors.

“We discuss how to think about this case study in Chapter Four of our book. As the NYT article says, McDonalds’ entry into Russia required it to invest in a variety of services that it took for granted in other locations – getting potatoes with the right texture and consistency, and getting them in a very timely fashion was difficult.

McDonalds Case Study A Case Study Documenting McDonalds Success and Challanges: An Overview of McDonalds: McDonalds is a large fast food chain with a .

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Access to case studies expires six months after purchase date. Publication Date: August 10, An abstract is not available for this product. Mcdonald case-study & analysis 1. CASE STUDY Mc Donald¶s 2.

McDonalds have to keep innovating the product Developing outstanding supplier relationship Improving the equipment Training and monitoring the franchisees Use advance erp and data centers.

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