Pre fix post fix and functions

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Pre fix post fix and functions

Fix Jerky Motion in Mobile Valves with Pre and Post Compensation David Saunders November 21st, Jerky and inconsistent control happens when two or more functions are actuated that have different pressure demands.

This can be addressed well with pressure compensation inside the valve. However, if you have to downsize your pump, such as when you downsize an engine in an effort to make Tier 4 more affordable, it is possible to unexpectedly saturate your pump if you do not carefully analyze flow requirements.

Pre and post-compensation act differently in a saturated condition and you need to consider what's going to happen in this situation.

Load sense pump control is a commonly selected feature among mobile equipment manufacturers.

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However, taking full advantage of this type of pump control requires more than just a premium pump. Read The Basics of Variable Displacement Pump Controls A system with multiple varying loads will normally have a consolidated valve bank through which flow will pass and be distributed.

In many cases, however, these systems will have widely varying loads on functions that need to work simultaneously. One cylinder could encounter psi while another will only ever see psi.

Pre fix post fix and functions

When two functions with different pressure demands are actuated at the same time, things get a little more complicated. In this case, the pump would adjust its displacement until the highest pressure signal is matched. That pressure will exist throughout the entire system as long as the load is maintained.

This means that for the lower pressure functions, there will be a pressure drop across the main directional spool equal to whatever the difference is between the highest load pressure and the local load pressure.

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The disadvantage is not just extra heat, but a change from smooth to jerky actuation due to the pressure drop across the spool. With proportional spool valves, the spool is really acting as a variable flow control.

When the silky smooth control of a function changes to jerky and unpredictable, operators start making mistakes and can lose confidence. This translates to less work done and less profitability. The purchasers may love you initially, but everyone else down the road will be cursing your name.

In this scenario, there is no way around the aforementioned heat generation as it is due to the pressure drop. There is, however, a way around the spool jerkiness. The answer is to move the pressure drop somewhere other than across the main spool.

This can be accomplished by adding another spool adjacent to the main spool that will handle the majority of the pressure drop. This is illustrated schematically below: This means that it will constantly adjust itself so that the pressure drop across the main spool will always be equal to the spring that is offsetting the compensator.

The method illustrated above is one way of compensating a valve for smooth operation with widely varying loads. It is known as Pre-Compensation because the compensator spool is upstream of the main spool and takes pilot signals from each side of the main spool.

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Pre fix post fix and functions

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