Rfid we can but should we essay

On base of an analytical or numerical analysis of the time-dependent response of the system towards noise, a decision on the physical validity of the modeling approach can be made, e.

Rfid we can but should we essay

By applying RSSI filters one can optimize RFID reading and writing conditions for specific applications, so that only tags within a certain distance are registered.

Rfid we can but should we essay

But for what do we use that information in real-life? The environment has a huge effect on the results, but as a rule of thumb we can say that the higher the RSSI value, the closer the RFID tag is to the reader.

The RSSI value can give us an indication of the distance to the tag, but only after we analyse the environment and take it into consideration.

The RSSI value can also be used to determine in what direction a tag is moving.


The RSSI value only tells us the distance to the tag, not where it is going. Several RFID readers are usually required to achieve reliable information about the direction.

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It is also usually recommended to use supporting techniques, such as "phase difference", for more reliable results. Measurements of the RSSI value can be used to analyse the tag reading and writing conditions. The optimal condition is to be able to use as little power as possible for achieving a strong enough signal to perform the RFID actions in question.

Different actions require different power outputs and RSSI settings. Many retail and supply chain operations require a "locate tag" application. The RSSI value can be used for guiding the user closer and closer to the target, much like a Geiger meter.

This can create problems when trying to estimate the location and movements of a tag. Factors that can cause RSSI variability: This can be done by applying a filter that rules out tags with too strong or too weak RSSI values. In plain English this means that altering the RSSI filter will allow the reader to only see tags that are within the set distance range, e.

When writing tags it is important that the RSSI value is high, so that the tag has sufficient power. In store environments and during the supply chain we often run into situations where it is important that a reader only registers tags that are in a certain distance from the reader.

By finding the right filter settings for the particular environment and operation, we can assure that only the right tags are read avoiding unnecessary cross-reading. Used settings and equipment:The What the Hell is it Actually Called Blue Box.

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Rfid we can but should we essay

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