Write a test case for atm machine

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Write a test case for atm machine

Receipt printer feed plate open Close the feed plate. Out of receipt Receipt paper empthy Replenish the receipt paper.

Test cases of ATM Machine - ArtOfTesting

Receipt printer head overheated before printing Check the printer head and change if necessary. It was detected that the feed lever was open before ther receipt printer started to operate. Clear jammed notes or call your service personnel. Close the lever of print head completely Receipt printer head overheated 1.

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Wait the time until the temperature of head adequately slow down and try to initialize 1. Remove jammed paper between printer head and rollers 1. Replenish receipt paper 2. Check the status of sensor and its connector Receipt paper setting error 1.


Check the status of setting paper 2. Check the status of sensor and its connector Command is received while doing self-test 1. After terminating self-test and initialize receipt printer No receipt paper 1. Replenish receipt paper in paper charger 2.


Check the status of Near End sensor and its connector 1. Check the Cutter module 2. Check if printer head lever is properly close No sensing black mark dark sensor 1.

Check the status of Black mark sensor 2. Get the trace file and log files in D: Call your attendant Notes are detected on tray CS2 Sensor before dispensing 1. Remove notes on CS2 sensor 2.

Remove the remaining notes or foreign objects on the gate 2. Check if the CS3 sensor bracket is bended. Check if the CS3 sensor cable is disconnected4.

write a test case for atm machine

Exchange a sensor after abnormal operating CS3 Gate detecting sensor. Remove note from the CDU delivery path. Check Main Motor Encoder Slit 3. Check CS8 Sensor Cable 6. Check Cash Dispenser Board Segment 2. Initialize after removing notes or dust2. Check CS3 Sensor Cable4. Replace Reject Solenoid 1 Cassette is removed during dispensing 1.

Check the cassette catcher 2. Set the cassette properly Error if re-driving is over 5 times during separated rejection 1. Check notes in Reject Box 2. Rearrange notes in Cassette 3. Check dust existing in CS5 Sensor Guide 5.Write the Test Cases for ATM test cases for ATM Machine initiativeblog.comsful insection of ATM card initiativeblog.com successful operation due to insert card in wrong angle initiativeblog.com successful operation due to invalid account Ex:other bank card or time expired card initiativeblog.comsful entry of PIN number initiativeblog.com successful operation due to enter wronr PIN number 3times 6.

Hi, Here are the list of Test Cases to verify the functionality of ATM machine. Below Test Cases includes positive, negative and corner cases. initiativeblog.comsful insertion of ATM card 2. Unsuccessful operation due to insert card in wrong angle 3. What is a test case for an ATM machine?

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How to write a Scenario and test cases for ATM Machine or Lift Operator/Escalator?. However, the fuctionality for some of the ATM machine can be visualized in general. In this post, I’m assuming a lot of functionality of ATM which you may or may not notice for your bank.

Positive Test Cases. Machine accepts card and PIN detail. Machine successfully takes out the money. Machine takes out the balance printout after the . Test Case Template and Examples. Short Description: Test the ATM Change PIN service Pre-conditions The user has a valid ATM card - The user has accessed the ATM by placing his ATM card in the machine The current PIN is The system displays the main menu.

Use Cases for Example ATM System